Saturday, December 13, 2014

Walking and Talking

This post is dedicated to my first best friend, Zachery.

remember sandy blonde hair.
I remember your smile. 
I think your eyes were blue,
But maybe they were gray.
What does a five-year-old notice?

I remember just walking around the playground. 
We must have done that a lot.

What did we talk about?
I wish I could remember that. 

We must have been a strange pair. 
I don't remember playing with the other children. 
Just the two of us walking. 
And talking.

You were my first best friend. 
I still think about you sometimes.
It's been twenty years.
I wonder how things might have been different.

I don't remember how I reacted to the news. 
I remember going to the visitation.
I remember your mother.

I remember driving by the cross at the intersection. 
Every day on the way to school.
It's still there.
It still looks nice. 
Sometimes there's a teddy bear. 
Sometimes there's flowers.

I wonder how you would react to me now.
I got to grow up.
I have a little boy of my own. 

I heard you had a little brother.
He'd be older than you now.
Does that make you feel weird?
No. You're probably just laughing about it.

I look forward to seeing you again. 
I'm sure you've already found the best places to just walk.
We have a lot to talk about.

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