Monday, July 24, 2017

So Much Better

In my post about Being Still I made a reference to my poor health, and in my previous post I mentioned that my health has improved drastically. To understand how drastic, it's time for backstory.

I've had stomach problems, migraine headaches, and fatigue since I was a teenager. In my early twenties I developed joint pain in every major joint in my body. I was almost always in pain, always tired, and at least slightly nauseated most of the time. As a young stay-at-home-mom, keeping  up with the house and baby was a struggle. A lot of stuff simply was not done.

If my joint pain wasn't too bad, fatigue kept me from doing much. Do the dishes, take a nap. Vacuum a room, take a nap. Fold some laundry, take a nap. Cook dinner, and my energy was completely gone and I was ready for bed. I alternated between thinking I was just lazy and the vague idea that something was genuinely wrong with me.

When someone mentioned lupus I started researching. Lupus sounded a lot like what I was experiencing. I had blood tests done, but the only thing that showed up was a vitamin D deficiency. I was prescribed a supplement, but it didn't help much.

I was still hobbling around the house trying to keep up with necessary chores with what little energy I had. It's embarrassing how much of my housework my mom or grandmother did for me when they visited.

Pain was as much a mental battle as it was a physical battle. Some days it wasn't the level of pain that made me cry, it was the fact that I was in pain and I had no hope of it going away. My perception of pain became skewed. It became hard to communicate just how bad it was. I was so tired of living like that. Days without pain weren't even a comfort because I knew they wouldn't last.

But now? I am completely well! I have energy! I don't hurt constantly! I don't hobble around the house! I can do stuff! I'm keeping up with the house, a baby, and a toddler with more energy than I've had since I was a child. It's wonderful!

So what changed? I discovered that nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant) make me horrendously sick and I stopped eating them.

I'll go into more depth on the nightshades in my next post. This has been a difficult post for me to write. I give God the credit for leading me to the knowledge of how to be well just as much as if He had healed me outright.


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Monday, July 17, 2017

I'm baaaaaack!

Sometimes during the grieving process you take a step back to get some distance, and learn better how to cope with your new reality. Eventually, though, you come back to the familiar with new perspective.

When I quit NaNoWriMo in 2015, I had no intention of letting my blog idle. It was our first Christmas without Dad, and Christmas was Dad's favorite holiday. That holiday season hit me hard. The anniversary of his death was just over a month later.

Less than a month after that would have been Nadia's due date.

Within two weeks of that, I lost my grandmother. It was an emotional time for me.

During that time, I played the banjo a lot, even wrote a few songs. I journaled some, and dabbled in poetry. I even occasionally used drawing as a way to express what I was feeling. Mostly daffodils. But my blog has lain dormant until now.

It hasn't been all bad, though. Two years is enough time for positive changes. Our second son was born in January, and he has been a delight. Also, during my pregnancy, I had a drastic change in my health. I feel better than I have felt in over ten years. I call this a miracle.

So I'm back to being active online. Looking forward to what lies ahead.


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