Greetings! Salutations! Welcome to my personal blog. I am Ashley Pinson, living in Oklahoma, originally from Alabama. Hence...

Yes. Yes. A picture of me will go here...eventually. It's on my to-do list.

I've been an avid reader from childhood. I loved adventure stories, and devoured book series like a tiny monster. Bring on the Hank the Cowdog, Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys.

My earliest memories of writing are about the young authors conference in kindergarten. I'm sure my mom still has my little book about Martha and her birthday party somewhere. My illustrations were wild. 

Martha made a second appearance at the young authors conference in first grade, too. I was fascinated with "mammals" at the time and wrote my second little book in the back of my school notebook. 

In second grade the entire class was given a template to write a book from, and mine was so horrible I still cringe thinking about it. Thus ended my career at the young authors conference.

But I kept writing. I had a major poetry phase in ninth grade. I carried a small briefcase with me everywhere with notebooks and pens because I never knew when inspiration would strike. I'm not kidding about the everywhere. Fortunately today's smartphones are much more discreet.

My version of "I'm quitting writing," is more like, "My current project is frustrating me so I'm going to start journaling more instead." I'm a writer, and I think it's time I claimed the title.

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