Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Sometimes I like to pretend that I'm just pretending to be an adult. Then the baby screams and shatters that fantasy.

I think my first clue that I was irrevocably an adult was when I noticed that I was eating oatmeal for breakfast almost every morning for a couple of months. It should be noted that I hated oatmeal as a child and refused to so much as touch it. Almost all of my childhood food aversions have actually become foods I love. Except liver, that stuff is nasty. 

I've always been the type that was only as mature and responsible as I had to be. If I could get away with goofing off, I would. When there was work to be done, that was fine, too. My dad somehow didn't pick up on this trait, and really worried about me when I moved out on my own. Mom, on the other hand, laughed and told him that I would be fine. And I was.

I never was in a hurry to grow up as a child. It just happened naturally and one day I'm eating oatmeal while working on the budget with Baby playing in the floor. What's more, I like the oatmeal, budgets, and my baby. Even if it does mean that I don't get uninterrupted sleep anymore.

Sometimes I do miss the time in my life when the thing I worried over the most was a chemistry test, but I wouldn't return to it now for anything. I'm sure not searching for the receipt to return my little son, moon, and stars. I'll take adulthood as it comes, and let my children take it naturally, too. 

When I'm old and gray, though, I'm looking forward to scandalizing my grandchildren by blowing my straw wrappers at them.


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    1. Because I'm selectively mature? Or because I'm good at being selectively mature? Or maybe because I choose to poke fun at myself for being selectively mature? ;)

  2. Ah. Growing up. Sometimes I laugh at the thought of Marty and I being responsible adults, but we are actually doing quite well so far. ;) I have a feeling, though, that children practically double the responsibility. Am I right?
    Once, when I was a preteen, I was wishing I was more mature. I guess my actions/thoughts weren't matching up to the ideals I had of being mature. My dad advised me not to rush anything, which relieved me a great deal. Years later, sitting on the floor, packing my things to move out and start my life as a married woman, I asked him, in a moment of doubt, if he thought I could do it: If I could live up to the responsibilities. Again, he relieved my mind and said that most people learn to grow with their responsibilities, even if they do make some mistakes in the learning process.

    1. Wise words. It is such a blessing to have parents that can give good counsel as we grow into adulthood.